Official Republican Voter Guide

The Alameda County Republican Party has officially published its November 2014 General Election Voter Guide, available here as a PDF for printing: Voter Guide

We recommend the following candidates and propositions:

Governor – Neel Kashkari
Lt. Governor – Ron Nehring
Treasurer – Greg Conlon
Controller – Ashley Swearengin
Attorney General – Ron Gold
Secretary of State – Pete Peterson
Insurance Commissioner – Ted Gaines
Board of Equalization – James Theis
Superintendent of Schools – No Republican

District 13 – Dakin Sundeen
District 15 – Hugh Bussell
District 17 – No Preference

State Senate
District 10 – Peter Kuo

State Assembly
District 15 – No Preference
District 16 – Catharine Baker
District 18 – David Erlich
District 20 – Jaime Patino
District 25 – Bob Brunton

Alameda County Superintendent:
Helen K. Foster

Proposition 1 – YES
Proposition 2 – YES
Proposition 45 – NO
Proposition 46 – NO
Proposition 47 – NO
Proposition 48 – No Position Taken

Dublin City Council: Suzanne Wakamoto

Fremont City Council: Martin Froomin

Livermore City Council:
Chung Bothwell and Chris Pareja

Newark City Council:
Mark Gonzales and Mike Hannon

Pleasanton Mayor: Jerry Thorne

Pleasanton City Council:
Kathy Narum and Arne Olson

Union City City Council: Lorrin Ellis

San Leandro Mayor: Dan Dillman

Livermore Joint Unified School District:
Anne White, Alan Heckman, Belia Martinez,
and Chris Wenzel
Ohlone Community College District TA#2:
Joe Lonsdale, Sr
Chabot – Las Positas CCD TA#2:
Gene Judson
Dublin Unified School District:
Sean Kenney
New Haven Unified School District:
Rosalinda Canlas and Lance Nishihira
Eden Township Healthcare District:
Lester Friedman and Thomas Lorentzen
Hayward Area Rec. and Park District:
Carol Pereira
Livermore Area Rec. and Park District:
David Hutchinson
Oro Loma Sanitary District:
Howard Kerr
Washington Township Healthcare District:
Bernard Stewart
Alameda County Water District:
Eric Tsai and Judy Huang

Measure BB Draws Fire from Opponents

The Alameda County transportation tax on the ballot this November 4th, Measure BB, has been heavily criticized by not only your Alameda County Republican Party, but also many other prominent opponents.

Measure BB, which failed voter approval in 2012, is slated to raise the sales tax in the county to the highest in the state, while failing to adequately distribute the money to the agencies in need – instead sending a 2 billion dollar bailout to AC Transit, and another 400 million dollars to bring BART to Livermore – a plan opposed by local residents.

ABC 7 News did a segment on our opposition to Measure BB:

Vote NO on Measure BB!

bb-prohibition-640x4801Measure BB doubles the existing transportation sales tax and extends it for 30 years. The county could ask for an extension of the current tax for 20 years as they did before. The existing transportation sales tax does not expire for eight more years. Why do we need to double and extend the tax now, especially in this fragile economy? This plan does NOT prioritize the transportation infrastructure that 80% of our citizens need for safe, repaired roads and highways and mass transit that truly looks forward to the growth and development of the Bay Area.

Measure BB – will make our county residents pay the highest taxes in the state (9.5%). Sales taxes are regressive taxes and are an especially difficult burden that hurts low income families, seniors with fixed incomes, and young people. Because of the multiplier effect, it affects our businesses, jobs and the economy. The cities of Albany, Hayward, San Leandro and Union City will pay even higher sales taxes (10%) since they are increasing their local sales taxes to pay for their city services.

Our taxpayers are being asked to shoulder the cost of big government’s central planning schemes without a forward looking plan that takes into account how people truly use the county transportation infrastructure.  Instead this plan spends billions on special interest busses, BART and bicycle pathways. Only 1% of our citizens use bicycles but almost 9% of the tax revenues are directed to bicycle pathways. 25% of the revenue is dedicated to AC Transit busses without any accountability. AC Transit is 84% subsidized right now. Only 10% of our citizens ride the bus.  What about road improvements for cars and freight moving trucks?

A recent report by TRIP ( points out that California’s roads are so bad they cost our residents $44 billion per year in the form of additional vehicle operating costs, congestion related delays and traffic crashes from unsafe conditions. This plan does not adequately address this problem.

The Tri Valley Herald and Oakland Tribune got it right when they recommended a NO vote on Measure BB, stating “This is not just a transportation tax for roads. Half the money would go to transit agencies, with AC Transit the biggest winner. Funding transit is a good idea. But AC Transit already receives other voter-approved taxes. If the bus system needs more money, it should make its pitch directly to voters in the district rather than siphoning off from a countywide measure.”

VOTE NO on MEASURE BB. The existing transportation sales tax does not expire for eight more years. There is time for planners to get this right and develop a plan that works for ALL Alameda County taxpayers. and

Our Alameda Candidates: Jaime Patino

Jaime Patino is our endorsed Republican candidate for Assembly District 20, which covers the cities of Hayward, Union City, Castro Valley, and Fremont.  He has been hard on the campaign trail recently, but spared some time to do a quick interview with the Alameda County GOP.


What made you decide to run? 
The crazy laws that were being passed by the Legislature and our local legislators unwillingness to listen to the people they serve made me decide to throw my hat in the ring.

Why do you think that you can better represent the community than your opponent?
Almost every day, I am out interacting, speaking and listening to the people in my District. My weeknights are filled with events and my weekends are jam packed with events from morning until evening. My opponent cannot say the same. He hardly ever engages his constituents and this is a complaint I hear from them from Fremont and Union City to Hayward and Castro Valley. I have also reached out across the aisle to get the support of many Democrats that feel their Assemblyman is not engaged. That is why we have a “Democrats for Patiño” Facebook page that is picking up steam and is letting disgruntled Democrats know what we are about. I am out in the District and my opponent is not.

What are the most important issues to you?
Education and Jobs. Our K-12 educational system is in crisis. On some metrics, we are behind Alabama and Mississippi. But my opponent would rather ban plastic bags than make sure our kids get a great education. In order to meet the demands of a 21st century economy, we need to make sure our children get the education and training to qualify for the jobs of our economy.

We need to welcome businesses back to California and have them expand here. We should not give special deals to a few big fish. We should change the whole climate of how we treat businesses here in this state. What good is all this talk about Global Climate Change if we do not change the Business Climate of this state? From the entrepreneur and the small businessman to the corporation, we need to make it easier for people to open that restaurant, store or gigafactory. Only then will California really be on the mend.

What will be the first thing you do once you’re in office?
I will meet with the leaders of BOTH parties and let them know what my priorities are. I will also hear theirs. Where we have the same interests, I will work with them to make things happen. I will be very upfront and let them know that either we make real reforms in education or the courts will do it for us as in the Vergara case. We will need Tort Reform, an overhaul of our Tax Code and Permitting Process in order to stop the Tesla’s, Toyota’s, Occidental Petroleum’s and Chevron’s from moving jobs out of state.

What is the biggest problem in your district, and how would you plan on solving it?
The biggest problem in our District is Education. Hayward Unified is bouncing back, but it has been a long struggle. Stan “Data” Dobbs has done a great job turning the Hayward Schools around. But there is still more to be done. New Haven Unified is not the beacon it used to be. The importance of Trade Schools is not emphasized enough to our students. Not everyone is made to go to college, but we have an obligation to make sure our children know that they can still make a decent living if they have a trade. Whether it is carpentry, electrical, IT or medical assisting; we need to make sure our children are trained to take on the good jobs our economy has to offer.Our children should be trained in the right skills so that they can expect more than minimum wage after graduation from high school.

Support Jaime by donating or volunteering with his campaign at:









Message from Chairman Sue Caro

Do you ever get the sense that life is moving too fast?  2014 is an election year and things are moving quickly. Alameda County Republican Party is fielding a competent set of candidates for offices all over the county. It’s never easy for Republicans here, however we will be competitive in a number of races.

Assembly District 16 – Catharine Baker (Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore)

Catharine is running a superb campaign for Assembly. She decisively won the Primary against three male Democrats, coming in first with a margin of 7.5 points between her and the union supported second place finisher. We are hosting major Get-Out-The-Vote weekend on Sep 13-14 and the California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte along with Republican Assembly Leader elect Kristin Olsen will be with us to support Catharine. Join the fun and contact for details.

Assembly District 20 – Jaime Patino (San Lorenzo, Hayward, Castro Valley, Sunol, Union City, Newark, North Fremont)

Jaime is an MBA Latino who works at U.C. Berkeley. He was born in the USA and raised in Union City.

He leads the Union City Human Relations Commission and knows people, elected officials, educators across the partisan spectrum. He has been doing a terrific job meeting voters at events all over the district and walking precincts too. His opponent Bill Quirk is bland, unpopular, and the Democrat party sends ‘handlers’ with him where ever he goes. This could be a ‘sleeper’ race for us.

Senate District 10 – Peter Kuo (Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Union City, Newark, Fremont)

Peter Kuo is a Chinese naturalized U.S. citizen who came to the United States when he was 12. He has lived the American Dream, growing up in Santa Clara, learning to be a pilot and a business man. He has his own insurance agency business with 3000 clients. Married with two teenaged children, Peter wants his kids to have the same opportunities in California that he found when growing up here. His campaign has caught fire and is attracting cross-over votes from the Asian Democrat communities.

I plan to update you on this website regularly between now and election-day, about local race candidates and the ballot initiatives in our community.  Check out the websites and Facebook pages of our candidates and get involved where you can. We expect the turnout in November to be lower than normal which could be advantageous for some of our candidates. Republicans are good voters and we count on you and your support.

Additionally, please follow Alameda County Republican Party on Facebook. “Like” our page. It will help us get noticed with our information. I have a twitter handle – @SueCaro1 if you like to follow on Twitter.

Until next time,


Sue Caro, Chairman

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CRP Chairman Jim Brulte Statement on Glazer’s Deceptive Mailers

From the California Republican Party website:

5.23.2014 – CRP Chairman Jim Brulte Statement on Glazer’s Deceptive Mailers

California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte today issued the following statement on Democrat Steve Glazer’s Deceptive Mailer to Assembly District 16 Republicans:

“A pro-tax liberal Democrat like Steve Glazer can try all he wants to deceive Republican voters to vote for him, however, as Chairman of the Republican Party, I speak on behalf of California Republicans. I can assure you that the CRP, the Alameda Republican Party and the Contra Costa Republican Party are doing everything possible to win the 16th Assembly District. We are confident Republican Catharine Baker will be the top vote-getter in the primary. A Republican will win the 16th Assembly District and Catharine Baker is that Republican.”

Primary Election Voter Guide – June 3, 2014

The Alameda County Republican Party has endorsed and strongly suggests you vote for the following candidates in the 2014 Primary Election.  Due to California’s new top-two primary laws, it is more important than ever to vote in the Primary election.  If Republicans do not turn out in large numbers to support our candidates, the election in November will be between two Democrats – defeating the purpose of a two-party system.  Please vote in the primary election this June 3rd!

Congressional District 13:   Dakin Sundeen
San Leandro, Oakland, Piedmont, Albany, Emeryville, Berkeley

Congressional District 15:   Hugh Bussell
Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Castro Valley, Fremont, Hayward, San Lorenzo, Union City

Congressional District 17:   Vanila Singh
Fremont, Newark

State Senate District 10:     Peter Kuo
Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Union City, Newark, Fremont

Assembly District 15:          Rich Kinney
Albany, Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Emeryville

Assembly District 16:          Catharine Baker
Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore

Assembly District 18:          David Erlich
Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro

Assembly District 20:          Jaime Patino
Fremont, Hayward, Union City, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo

Assembly District 25:          Bob Brunton
Fremont, Newark

Contra Costa Times Endorses Baker

The Contra Costa Times, a newspaper covering the majority of Assembly District 16, has endorsed Republican Catherine Baker for the seat!

Says the Times, “Baker is the best of two candidates.  She would bring a fresh, outsider perspective to a state Legislature needing change.  She comes with an R behind her name that would add a bit of partisan counterbalance to the Democratic Bay Area delegation.”

This is a huge boost to Baker’s campaign, one of the most exciting races currently in play here in Alameda County.  She is hosting a large precinct walking and phone calling campaign tomorrow, Saturday April 26th, at her headquarters in San Ramon.  To participate, please contact Chris Pickard at

We are also hosting phone calls for Catherine – from our Pleasanton office at 6280 W Las Positas Boulevard.  Currently, we are doing calls Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights from 4 to 8.  If you would like to help out and make some calls to likely Republican voters in the Tri-Valley, please contact Ryan Brown at, or call 408-600-5951.  Thank you!

CD15 Candidate Hugh Bussell Successful at Candidate Forum`

Yesterday (Tuesday the 15th of April) our Republican candidate for Congress in District 15, Hugh Bussell, who also serves as our vice-chairman in the ACRP, debated competitors Ellen Corbett and Eric Swalwell at a candidate forum in Castro Valley.  According to the Contra Costa Times, the debate was very successful and all three candidates kept things calm and civil – unlike last election’s debate, where Pete Stark hurled insults of various levels at his opponents.

Bussell, a software engineer in Livermore, effectively promoted the conservative principles upheld by the Alameda County Republican Party and pushed back against the liberal policies supported by Corbett and Swalwell.  Near the end of the debate, he tossed a barb at Corbett and Swalwell: “Does Washington really need any more lawyers?”

This promises to be a very interesting election.  Stay tuned to for the latest!

As reported by the Contra Costa Times: