New Chairman's Message

On behalf of our newly-elected leadership team, we are excited about the future of the Republican Party in our county and for the opportunity to contribute to the success of its larger mission. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for everything you have already done. We take our charge very seriously, and will strive to meet the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and responsibility as we carry out our part of this very important endeavor.

We have meaningful elections in our great country and at all levels, local, state, and federal, because of our forefathers, our Constitution - to which we here have also taken an oath - and the principles enshrined therein. We are grateful for these freedoms and cherish them deeply. Our new leadership team is inspired by the Founding Fathers and the principles through which they brought about this very great nation, as well as by present-day Republicans of wisdom who have preceded the newer generations.

We are also inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of those Republicans belonging to the newest generation, who grew up during a time when many of our freedoms have now begun to come into question, and in which the future might seem uncertain. Many of our new leadership team come from the generation in between these two very large ones, having come of age during the Reagan years and thus remembering our country at its very finest. We notice the difference now. We recall President Reagan himself said that freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.

Preserving our freedom for ourselves and the generation coming up behind us, as well as for future generations, depends on the people remaining ever-vigilant and continuing to stand for it, as well as for the rule of law that enables it.

Thank you, and Godspeed!

Lori Drake
Chairman, Alameda County Republican Party

Central Committee

Our central committee includes six seats from each of five Assembly districts, as well as five ex-officio seats, which are the endorsed candidates for state level office.  It meets the third Tuesday of each month at our San Leandro headquarters, at 6:30.

Our Executive Committee, made up of the officers on our Central Commitee, is as follows:

Chairman: Lori Drake
Vice-Chairman: Dave Erlich
Treasurer: Jeff Wald
Assistant Treasurer: Sara Volking
Secretary: Rochelle Conner
Assistant Secretary: Anne Woodell
Parliamentarian: Kevin McGary
Sergeant At Arms: Karan Healy

All members:

13th Congressional – Dakin Sundeen
15th Congressional – Hugh Bussell
10th State Senate – Peter Kuo
16th Assembly – Catharine Baker
18th Assembly – Dave Erlich
20th Assembly – Jaime Patino
25th Assembly – Bob Brunton

15th Assembly District:
Christine Anderson
Gregory Govan
Don Guinasso
Cecilia Mehlhoff (alternate - Mary Dodds)
Anne Woodell (alternate – Wallace Smith)

16th Assembly District:
Jennifer Buck (alternate – Michaela Hertle)
Hugh Bussell (alternate – Leslie Jones)
Lori Drake (alternate – Anthony Balelo)
Karan Healy (alternate – Chris Pareja)
Susan Mueller
Sara Volking (alternate – Linda Harmeson)

18th Assembly District:
Suzanne Caro (alternate – Paul Cummings)
Frank Cherry (alternate – LaVera Brown)
Rochelle Conner
Dave Erlich
Charles Ferrante
Roseann Slonsky-Breault

20th Assembly District:
Kevin McGary
Jaime Patino

25th Assembly District:
Jeffrey Wald
John Guerrero